Check out quotes from your favorite stars on Oscar night

”I wound up losing my bucket completely. They were like piranhas.”
Jon Stewart, on the container of Twizzlers he was handing out at the show

”We got to meet Frances McDormand. She introduced us to Joel and Ethan [Coen]. It was great because I got to test a few Lebowski theories on them.”
Best Song winner Glen Hansard

”I didn’t picture it as a catchphrase at the time, but it certainly made an impression on me when I first read it.”
Daniel Day-Lewis, on his famed milk-shake line

”I’m realizing I’m really hungry. I’m realizing I could use a drink. A little bit of me is going back and trying to retrieve my memory of what I said on stage in front of a billion people. Trying to figure out if I said something sue-able. I’m sure someone will tell me at some point…. I’m aware that I did say ‘buttocks’ and ‘nipples’ in my acceptance speech. That might be a first.”
Tilda Swinton

”It’s more nerve-racking coming to the Oscars as a nominee, but this is nice.”
Amy Adams

”Look at that guy’s mustache!”
Jonah Hill to Seth Rogen on the red carpet

”That’s awesome! I hope I’m not sitting next to him.”
Seth Rogen

”It’s like the Super Bowl, only unlike the Super Bowl, I can’t show up and be like, ‘I’m bringing my A game, I really think I’m gonna do it tonight.’ I can’t really change the result.”
Jason Reitman

”This isn’t the first time I’ve left my baby at home, but it’s definitely the longest.”
Keri Russell

”I’ve been on this street a lot, but never on a red carpet. Just behind a wheel.”
Jason Bateman