Shows to watch on DVR -- Why you should record episodes of ''The Biggest Loser,'' ''American Idol,'' and more

Spending an hour watching hour-long reality and game shows? For shame: You can blow through these bloated episodes on DVR in mere minutes. Hey, now you’ve got time for more TV!

The Biggest Loser

Sure, it’s fun watching Jillian pull the drill-sergeant routine while we’re home vegging out, but all that really matters is seeing those chunky contestants step on the scale.

Watching Time: 3 mins., 50 secs.

American Idol Results Show

Why do we need to see the losers reperform the song that got them kicked off in the first place? All we want to know is, is America gonna cut the kid with the pasty skin or what?

Watching Time: 3 mins., 31 secs.

Deal Or No Deal

The lockstepping ladies are lovely, but the show’s richest moments come only when the banker talks smack and those overeager gamblers yell ”No Deal!” to Howie.

Watching Time: 8 mins., 33 secs.

The Moment of Truth

Who cares where the contestants work and what their hobbies are? The fun lies in whether they’ll admit to fantasizing about women other than their spouses.

Watching Time: 1 min., 30 secs.

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The Biggest Loser
Contestants battle the bulge and each other in the competitive weight-loss series
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