The 10 hottest topics for the week of March 7, 2008

1 Mike Tyson wants Jamie Foxx to play him in biopic
Foxx is one of two stars in Hollywood who does a ”Tyson falsetto”; the other is Kristin Chenoweth, who’s fighting hard for the role.

2 Julie Christie calls for closure of Guantánamo Bay
”Okay,” said the Pentagon, adding: ”We love her work.”

3 Celebrities exposed to hepatitis A at chic Manhattan hot spot
Soon, everyone will want it!

4 Diddy to pursue acting ”with 100 percent focus”
Recalling the time he focused on rapping 100 percent, Diddy will ”remix” another Sting masterpiece: his performance in Dune.

5 The Black Crowes blast Maxim for reviewing album without hearing all of it
I’m going to take it upon myself to review the next four Black Crowes albums right here: ”Fine,” ”Starbucksable,” ”Was that a theremin?” and ”The last song’s totally about Kate Hudson.”

6 Fire destroys hotel owned by romance novelist Nora Roberts
Police are looking for a strapping man in a ripped shirt, whose love set her world ablaze.

7 Valerie Bertinelli talks to Oprah about dating Steven Spielberg in 1980
She called the relationship ”fine,” but wishes he’d go back and digitally remaster it.

8 NBC exec says upcoming Robinson Crusoe series is ”part MacGyver…part Cast Away-meets-Survivor
He also optioned a CSI-ish Sherlock Holmes series and the Star Wars-esque New Testament.

9 Parents Television Council critiques streaker scene in Las Vegas, saying ”buttocks are visible.”
”And buttocks are great,” said the council, ”but we’re more of a ‘breast council.”’

10 Gary Busey reliably bonkers
Anyone who deplores Oscar’s lack of spontaneity has found the show’s next host.

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