Pop culture hit and miss -- We rate pop culture for the week of March 7, 2008 including Bill Hader, Ian Ziering, and more

· A Raisin in the Sun: It took Lorraine Hansberry’s classic to prove that John Stamos is a really good actor!
· SNL’s Bill Hader nails his audition for There Will Be Blood 2: I Drink Your Milk Shake
· The Wire‘s Omar Little, RIP. Most haunting don’t-buy-cigarettes PSA ever

Near Misses
· Headbangers’ ballroom! Def Leppard says they’ll perform on Dancing With the Stars
· Neverland up for sale? Amusement park, stench of controversy included
· Ian Ziering hosts Your Mama Don’t Dance on Lifetime. Apparently, Jim and Cindy Walsh were unavailable

· Spoilsport: Barbara Walters disses the Moldy Peaches
· Big Brother skanks frolic in pool. Can you get an STD through your TV?
· Worst American export since Jerry Lewis: Howie Mandel on worldwide Deal or No Deal tour.

A Raisin in the Sun
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