Oscar night traditions -- Here's a review of the actors who have addressed Jack Nicholson on stage

Josh Brolin became the latest Oscar presenter to carry on the long tradition of addressing Jack Nicholson from the stage (”I’ll buy you a drink!”). Here are past highlights.

Cheech and Chong congradulate the actor on his Terms of Endearment win while presenting Best Visual Effects. ”You did it, man,” says Chong.

Robin Williams introduces Best Picture nominee Prizzi’s Honor — by impersonating the star. ”How ya doing, Jack?” he asks, mid-riff.

The year Driving Miss Daisy wins Best Picture, Billy Crystal acknowledges the star and says, ”This is a rich man?Jack is so rich Morgan Freeman drove him here tonight.”

In his monologue, Crystal points to the actor and says, ”He’s sitting right here, smiling at me. I feel like a Laker girl.”

While singing the As Good as It Gets part of his medley song to Nicholson (”Sit back and relax!/ Forget about Mars Attacks!), Crystal gets Helen Hunt to snap a pic of him and Jack.

(Additional reporting by Kari Kramer)