Annie Barrett

This morning during my commute, I had Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” stuck in my head. I blame both American Idol (I’m still trying to decide just how bad of an idea it was for Robbie Carrico to sing it earlier this week) and this. Arriving at my stop, I was jolted from my public-transportation coma and back to reality, where, for a split-second, I was overcome with the fear that I’d accidentally sung or hummed a line aloud. (The rendition in my head had been that vivid, and the people sitting around me were now that quiet.)

I told PopWatch’s Annie Barrett, pictured*, about my fear, and naturally, she didn’t share it. She likes it when she finds herself or others spontaneously “boppin'” on the subway because they’re that into their music. Sometimes, she’ll even purposely mouth the words to a song she’s listening to just because she enjoys watching other commuters play name that tune.

So, settle this debate: On a scale of 1 to 10, how embarrassing is it to be caught spontaneously singing in public?

* Both Annie and I would again like to thank the gentleman who saw us shooting this photo on the corner of 53rd and Broadway earlier today and offered to take the picture so I could be in it as well. You see, sir, Annie was being serious when she said, “Thanks, but we’re deliberately doing it this way. It’s a professional photo shoot.”