Academy Award fashion advice -- Alan Arkin, Steve Carell, and other leading men decide what women should wear to the Oscars

Q: Gentlemen of the red carpet, what do you think the ladies should wear?

Alan Arkin
”I tend to like simpliticy,” says last year’s Best Supporting Actor, whose wife, Suzanne, wore Lily of the West. ”I just sit around and admire.”

Steve Carell
”What’s in the dress is the woman herself, and the wonderful. . . oh, I’m spinning my wheels.” Well, at least the Office boss started strong.

Sean Combs
”The way a garment fits a woman is key,” says the rapper-cum-designer-cum-actor. ”Charlize Theron? Her fit is always impeccable.”

Josh Lucas
Hey, Josh Lucas! What should women wear on Oscar night? ”As little as possible.” Wow! That’s inappropriate! ”You wanted an answer.”