According to our current homepage poll, only 16 percent of you consider Will Ferrell’s Semi-Pro the must-see comedy of the spring. But what’s your gut telling you about his summer offering Step Brothers (below)? Ferrell and John C. Reilly play new step brothers, forced to share a bedroom and make each others’ lives hell until they realize that if they were chicks, they’d both sleep with John Stamos. Then, they’re forced to grow up and find jobs because their parents want them out of the house in a month. (That may not be the exact correlation, but you get the point.) The first time I watched the trailer, I thought it was pretty funny. The second time, I remembered that PSA EW did awhile back asking men in Hollywood to grow up already. Have we always had this many ManBoy comedies, or what is it about this generation that makes them tap that well again and again? Discuss.