So the other night, I was flipping through my Music Choice channels and Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” (below) was playing on the ’90s station. I froze: Had enough time passed that I could enjoy the song again, or, 16 years after its release, were the damaging effects of extreme overplaying still present? While I won’t be retrieving Pocket Full of Kryptonite from the bottom of the CD stack, where it currently resides, I did sind along. And there might have been some overhead clapping when they broke it down near the end. What’s your verdict? Can you listen and enjoy it? (Like, I’ve been told, Brian Posehn recently did, covertly, on The Sarah Silverman Program. I also hear that a recent episode of Carpoolers revolved around Dougie winning tickets to a Spin Doctors concert.) Maybe this Sesame Street version of the song will be your antidote?

What’s the longest you’ve banished a song from your personal airwaves due to overplaying?