Just about everything, according to Hollywood Reporter critic Ray Richmond. His review of the reality miniseries that debuts this Sunday is just scathing — 800 words of bile. If this thing came with an EW-style letter grade, it’d have to be some sort of F-minus-minus: “[A] profoundly hyperkinetic and unwieldy adventure inproduct placement, in Oprah-as-Messiah hype and, ultimately, in what’sso utterly fake and insidious about ‘reality’ television itself… Shallow as a birdbath, the program would appear to exist less as a truephilanthropic exercise than yet another self-aggrandizing vehicle inOprah’s divine quest to become synonymous with all that is virtuous andgood on Earth.”

I haven’t seen Oprah’s Big Give, but I’m inclined to agree with Richmond’s (slightly unhinged-sounding) take — this show does look like a vapid, hyper-materialistic mess posing as charity. Still, Richmond doesn’t address my biggest problem with the TV ads that have been airing constantly this week. Namely: The word “Give” is not a noun, for O’s sake! Every time I see this title come on my screen, I get furious. “Aw, man, did you see that give? It was pretty big.” NO! I’m not generally a grammar-police type, but something about that title just drives me nuts, no matter what the actual content of the show is. Anyone else filled with uncontrollable rage when they read those three words? (Or do any of you want to defend Oprah against Richmond’s and my intemperate snark?)