Honestly, I never really expected to find out the truth about “Ludacrismas.” When I posed the question “How come “Ludacrismas” is missing from the Fred Claus soundtrack?” last Thanksgiving, it was more of an existential cri de coeur than anything else, y’know? So I almost forgot to mention the brilliant rap carol when Luda stopped by EW’s New York office yesterday morning to talk up a few of his upcoming projects. (And there are quite a few of ’em, including his next album Theater of the Mind, his new website, his new restaurant, and his big-screen roles in Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla and, yes, Game.)

He was already walking to the elevator when I remembered to ask him about “Ludacrismas.” Turns out the song didn’t make it onto the Fred Claus soundtrack because of logistical difficulties. “They asked me at the eleventh hour to make that song, so the soundtrack was already turned in,” he said. Mystery solved! And I’m not the only nutcase who’s been wondering about this, thank-you-very-much. “People love the song,” ‘Cris continued, “so I was thinking of coming out with a Ludacrismas album.” Sweet. I know what I’m buying for every single person I know next winter… Anyone else want to pre-order this sick stocking stuffer right now (uh, assuming Luda actually records it)?