Keith Richards
Credit: Greg Baker/AP

Keith Richards: Legendary guitarist, charming rake… blogger? Well, maybe not quite, but he does have a pretty entertaining website for a guy who’s been rippin’ riffs since approximately the beginning of time. Click on “Ask Keith” at the bottom for the page that collects his idiosyncratic answers to over 150 fan-submitted queries. My favorite right now might be the one wherein a dude named “Philippe” asks for his views on the afterlife: “Afterlife, I’m sure, is right after the afterbirth.” (It sounds much better if you click the “Hear Keef” button to stream his lovely slurred consonants, I swear.) Or maybe it’s the one where he claims to have invented the cocktail of Sunkist soda and vodka — or the one where he somehow starts comparing Pete Sampras’ right forearm to “a claw, like a lobster!” (?!)

All kidding aside, Richards’ answers can be quite fascinating. And how does Keef himself explain all this technological tomfoolery? “I don’t have a computer myself,” he admitted to EW’s Clark Collis this week. “I know what they’re capable of: find out about this, find out about that. But QWERTY? I don’t really do that.” (Guess he has a good webmaster.) That’s from an interview about Martin Scorsese’s new Stones concert doc, Shine A Light, which will be appearing in EW’s pages in a few weeks — and it’s sure to be a much more in-depth exchange than anything on Keef’s website. In the meantime, though, what would you ask the grayed Glimmer Twin?

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