While No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood were the big winners at the Academy Awards, those Oscar statues came at a hefty price. Sources tell Hollywood Insider that Miramax spent some $55 million on prints and advertising for its U.S. release of No Country; one Miramax insider puts the price tag closer to $45 million. Regardless, either figure cuts significantly into the $64 million the film has grossed domestically. Meanwhile, for Blood‘s Daniel Day-Lewis to take home “the handsomest bludgeon in town,” Paramount Vantage spent in the low $40 million range. That movie has only earned $35 million at the box office. (The studio had no comment.) What’s so telling about these figures is that the marketing bills have now exceeded the $30 million that it cost to produce each of these movies. The money hasn’t stopped flowing either — at least not from Miramax’s coffers: Though No Country has already been in theaters for 16 weeks, this weekend marks its widest release yet, on some 2,000 screens.