Tilda Swinton, Oscars 2008
Credit: Jeff Vespa/

Late last night, a funny thing happened on the way to putting final touches on EW’s upcoming Oscar-themed issue. While standing among several colleagues, someone assessing the red-carpet photos said, “I don’t get it, am I the only one who liked Tilda Swinton‘s dress?” I can still hear the collective gasp from those within earshot of the question, as if we shared one mind about the lopsided sack (pictured). Nevermind that Swinton triumphed in her category — the fashion verdict was in.

The truth is, we all have our moments of dissent when it comes to red carpet style. Take my first impression of Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar night dress: When she walked onstage to present (I missed seeing her red carpet arrival), I thought her fashion choice — a backless, white Cavalli with minimal snakeskin beading — was bold and modern. I thought she pulled it off, and at the very same time, I just knew that, come Monday morning, critics would probably call her out for it.

Not to sound like the coddling mother of a sloppily-styled Oscar nominee, but all the best- and worst-dressed lists are just someone’s opinion. So whose Oscar fashion choices are getting a bum rap that you disagree with? Ryan Seacrest’s umber-hued lapels? Nicole Kidman’s icicle-like neckwear? Rebecca Miller’s red and black extravaganza? Let’s hear it!

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