So the Smashing Pumpkins just debuted a new video for the studio version of “Superchrist” on MySpaceTV, and yes, I am filing this item under ‘The Eh List’ category.

I’m not saying it’s a bad song. Even the totally out-of-place violin bridge sorta fits, à la Wim Wenders, with the angel wandering forlornly around the set — but what’s up with the leering bass player and the scantily clad nurse quartet? It’s as if Billy & Co. decided in the middle of filming that they needed some visual Viagra to counterbalance all that dude hair.

I loved the Pumpkins back in the day, even when MTV tested my patience by playing “Today” to death (experience a flashback after the jump). But does the “Superchrist” video mark a return to form for the Pumpkins? Who else misses D’arcy and James Iha? And speaking of hair, Billy Corgan with some?