One of the strangest exchanges on Oscar night didn’t occur at the Kodak Theatre, but on Barbara Walters‘ Academy Awards special. The View doyenne told Juno’s Ellen Page that she doesn’t “get” the Moldy Peaches — even though she booked the semiretired duo to perform their unlikely hit, “Anyone Else But You,” on her daytime talk show. Page, who handpicked the song for the film, didn’t seem to take offense, calmly schooling Walters in the subtleties of indie rock: “It’s beautiful, honest, [and] hits me on a level I can’t deny.”

So how does Adam Green, one-half of the anti-folk act, feel about the slight? “I’m not bitter,” he says. “When it comes to Moldy Peaches music, I don’t think anyone’s taking Barbara’s opinion too seriously. From what I understand, she really enjoys that song.” And the fact that Walters sang along with Page, he adds, is a testament to the tune’s unbelievable reach. “You couldn’t surprise me now,” marvels Green, whose fifth solo album, Sixes and Sevens, is due March 18. “If Michael Jordan turned out to be the biggest Moldy Peaches fan, I’d be, like, ‘Join the f—ing club.’”

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