I’m sure all of us American Idol fans were left with a bevy of questions following Jason Yeager’s baffling Tuesday night performance of “Long Train Runnin'”: Why in the world would he choose the Doobie Brothers? What was up with that finishing pose? And what exactly was he talking about with Ryan after fielding the panel’s less-than-stellar reviews?

But the most pressing query of all for the soon-to-be-ousted contestant (pictured, left) is simply, why the blond patch? (I can only hope Yeager addresses this in his post-elimination interview with

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had the nagging feeling that I’ve seen Yeager’s ill-advised hairstyle somewhere before… somewhere in the reality TV sphere. Then it hit me: Reaching far back into my knowledge of the lowest of VH1’s low-brow reality shows — hey, a girl’s gotta feel better about herself somehow — I discovered the connection. Perhaps Yeager is taking his coiffing advice from none other than The Pick Up Artist‘s uni-monikered host Mystery, who suggested a similarly bizarre, patchy mane for that show’s third-place finisher Joe D. (pictured, right). I’m hoping I’m not the only one who picked up (sorry!) on the similarity.

While we’re on the subject, are you disappointed that Jason’s almost inevitable exit on Thursday will keep us from witnessing the dude’s Idol makeover (wouldn’t take much — even a Sharpie would do the trick!)? And how come so many of the top 24 are plagued with bad hairstyles this year (See: Cook, David; Haley, Garrett; Smithson, Carly)?