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On Conan last night, funnyman and one-time illusionist Will Arnett was raving about one of his current favorite shows, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Then, somewhat channeling his 30 Rock character Devon Banks (if Devon Banks, pictured at right, was good at his job), Arnett suggested an excellent idea for a new series:”What about a show called Celebrity Trainwreck? if you put celebrities in a train, and then you welded them in there, and then you had like a crossing with an 18-wheeler, and you said ‘You have two minutes to get out!’ I’d watch that. Who wouldn’t?” No one wouldn’t. I’d absolutely watch that. Watch your back, Jack Donaghy (left)!

Then again, Celebrity Trainwreck accurately describes half the shows on TV, as long as you grant yourself the option of putting the word “Celebrity” in quotes. In fact, I believe Celebrity Trainwreck is already on the air, currently going by its alternate title, Dancing With the Stars.

(FYI, Arnett also re-re-re-confirmed that Arrested Development peeps are “in talks” for a movie. What a fun, sexy time for them!)

Who would you want to place in the Celebrity Trainwreck subway car? Besides Subway Jared, who is already sitting there, wolfing down a 6-inch turkey.

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