Credit: Christine Fenno

New Yorkers either loved or hated The Gates. From afar, the February 2005 art installation was a giant orange snake that traced the pathways in Manhattan’s Central Park (okay, the fabric’s color was officially called “saffron” but come on, that’s as orange as a box of Wheaties). Up close, the brainchild of artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude was unexpectedly thrilling for many visitors, including me. In a city with a pace that can easily be described as breakneck, I’d never seen anything like it: throngs of smiling people strolling leisurely during such a gray and chilly month, looking around with wonder and discussing the same topic. I remember thinking: Bravo to anyone who can pull that off. (Not to mention the logistics of building such a huge work of art.) If you missed the experience, or want to relive it, catch the TV premiere of the documentary The Gates, which debuts on HBO tonight at 10 p.m.

After the jump, more art — a photo from my personal collection of the deliciously memorable, very orange Gates.

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