The Parents Television Council has a lot to be worked up about these days: Diane Keaton dropping the F Bomb on Good Morning America, Jane Fonda dropping the C Bomb on Today, and NBC’s Las Vegas dropping grainy security footage of three women stripping, and streaking, through a casino on its Feb. 15 episode. But I’ve got a question for America’s primary protectors against televised profanity (and breasts). If you’re so appalled by naked ladies on Las Vegas — a show that, incidentally, has likely aired its final episode — why in the world would you create an embeddable clip of said nakedness (see below) so it could be distributed all over the Internet?

Or, in other words, let me paraphrase a great line from the Barbra Streisand-Ryan O’Neal comedy What’s Up Doc (click here to see it): “PTC! Turning the tawdriest moment of a trashy NBC drama into a viral video? Don’t you know the meaning of propriety?”