(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? NBC ordered 13 episodes of a new Robinson Crusoe series, described as an ”adrenaline-charged version” of Daniel Defoe’s classic 1719 novel with a contemporary feel and voice, although it will take place in the 17th century, when the book is set. It will likely premiere either next fall or midseason 2009. The show, produced by Universal Media Services and British production house Power, is said to have come out of a brainstorming idea called by NBC programming chief Ben Silverman, in which he asked his development team to come up with a list of the most engaging stories ever told. Crusoe was reportedly at the top of that list. Other classic tales under consideration include David and Goliath and Jekyll and Hyde, according to a Hollywood Reporter source. Crusoe becomes NBC’s third commitment in the past week, following previous orders for the anthology series Fear Itself and Tom Fontana’s The Philanthropist. (Hollywood Reporter)