If Marion Cotillard’s Best Actress win (and awesome acceptance speech) was one of the highlights of your Oscar viewing experience last night, might I suggest you check out her very charming interview from Dave Karger’s “Just a Minute” series. (Part 1 is embedded below; click the link at the bottom of the player to view Part 2.) In this segment, filmed last fall, Cotillard discusses the technical and emotional challenges of lip-syncing the music of Edith Piaf, and how it ties in with the early music of Madonna. (Seriously!)

Dave also filmed a terrific three-part interview with Javier Bardem, in which the Best Supporting Actor winner discusses (among other things) his terrifying facial expression during the opening murder scene in No Country for Old Men. Fear not, no cattle guns are on display in the video below, so you can press play without fear of trauma-inducing flashbacks.