Last night’s Oscar telecast was a most enjoyable affair. The acceptance speeches were short and heartfelt (I don’t think I heard a single interminable list of names!), the clips packages were nifty, and host Jon Stewart was both funny and classy (recalling Markéta Irglová to the stage for her acceptance speech was the kind of unexpected treat that makes a three-and-a-half hour telecast entirely bearable).

On the other hand, the evening’s low point had to be yet another shameless plug for Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie. Oh, how I hoped a giant flyswatter would come thwacking down when that overhyped black-and-yellow beast took his spot atop the Oscar podium. I mean, Bee Movie wasn’t among the nominees for Best Animated Feature, so why didn’t the Academy give eventual winner Ratatouille the “animated presenter” spot instead? Or even one of those surfing penguins? When I can’t get a chuckle from reliving Matthew Broderick’s painful Electionsting, then something is definitely rotten on the Oscar stage.

So who’s going to join me in signing the PopWatch petition to stop the deadly swarm of promotion that Seinfeld is likely planning to prepare for March 11 DVD release? If you need some encouragement, then I’ve got three words for you: Bee. Movie. Juniors. Oh yeah, I went there!

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