On the arrivals carpet for the Independent Spirit Awards, writer-director Todd Haynes (I’m Not There) told that his next directing project won’t be a film; it’ll be a commercial. “My first,” he chuckled. “It’s Heinekin. A great product, right? It’s all these different little segments of unlikely people handing beer to each other, entering new worlds. It sort of has an Obama theme to it, in my mind.” Haynes explained that the decision “had nothing to do with the writer’s strike; it has something to do with me wanting to make some money.” The ad will shoot in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Spirit Awards host Rainn Wilson says he’s read the first script for the six post-strike episodes of The Office. “It’s called ‘The Dinner Party.’ It’s like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf meets The Office. It promises to be spectacular — I say that with all sincerity.”

And fellow Juno castmate Allison Janney has just signed onto American Beauty director Sam Mendes’ next, untitled project. Written by David Eggers and his wife, Vendela Vida, the film is a romantic comedy road picture. In July, Janney will go to work in a stage adaptation of the 1980 comedy 9 to 5. “Dolly Parton is writing the music and Joe Mantello is directing,” Janney says. “I’m doing the Lily Tomlin part. I’m trying to get my voice and my body in shape to do a musical.” The show will preview first in Los Angeles before moving to Broadway.