The full-length Sex and the City movie trailer has hit the web (below), and sent emails flying in our offices. We’re not sure whether to trust our eyes: So Big would really leave Carrie at the altar? Charlotte is pregnant? Miranda might have to kick Steve in his testicle for cheating on her? And Samantha is still transfixed by Smith’s abs? (Okay, that last one we buy).

While I really want to see how this “anti-fairytale” ends — and experience that moment when I’m proud to be a woman with great friends — am I the only one who’s yet to see a reason why this movie had to be on the big screen? I wouldn’t be any less excited if it was premiering on HBO, and I got to eavesdrop on their intimate conversations from the comfort of my couch. I wonder if having them in my home helped me feel so close to them in the first place… just asking. Anyway, what about you, PopWatchers? How do you feel about SATC: The Movie?

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