The Re-Up Gang's new album -- ''We Got it for Cheap: The Mixtape, Vol. 3'' is a must have new disc from the rap group

”This high level of artistry’s a part of me,” sneers Pusha T on ”Good Morning,” from We Got It for Cheap: The Mixtape, Vol. 3. ”I’m bored by my so-called peers, you’ll have to pardon me.” Such arrogance is justified. The Re-Up Gang — the Clipse (Pusha and brother Malice, above, from left), plus sidekicks Ab-Liva and Sandman?rap masterfully over instrumentals of hits like Jay-Z’s ”Roc Boys,” rattling off rhymes so sharp they draw blood. And if the results feel slightly less game-changing than the first two Cheap installments, that’s just because so many rappers have been imitating the Clipse’s model. (Get Vol. 3 free at