(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? The Parents Television Council has called for advertisers to boycott Dexter, the Showtime series now also airing on parent network CBS, because of its violent nature. The show stars Michael C. Hall as a forensics expert who doubles as a serial killer. The PTC has asked CBS affiliates to pre-empt the show, which started airing an edited version of the popular pay channel series on Feb. 17. ”Despite countless public calls for restraint and corporate responsibility, CBS broke its own promise to the public that it would employ careful editing and accurate ratings guidelines for Dexter,” said PTC president Tim Winter. ”Depictions of violence were barely altered from the Showtime network original format.” Among the companies who ran ads in the first episode on CBS were Capital One, Macy’s, Pfizer, Burger King, and assorted movie studios. CBS had no response to the PTC’s most recent complaints about the show but has in the past assured that it would edit the show to comply with broadcast standards and give it an appropriate V-chip rating. (Hollywood Reporter)

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Michael C. Hall plays a serial killer who only murders evildoers in this gruesome drama

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