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Mail from our readers

Not Another Teen Movie
Unlike many female leads, Juno is not a superhero or a loser — she falls somewhere in between.
Kenneth L. Zimmerman
Huntington Beach, Calif.

Thanks for putting Ellen Page on the cover (”Juno Nation”). I’m nicknamed Juno at school for wearing flannels and being sarcastic. Anyone who says teens don’t talk like Juno should spend a day with me.
Catherine Cortale
Sea Cliff, N.Y.

I’ve been in awe of Ellen Page since Hard Candy and saw Juno before it became a sensation. I was worried it would disappear quickly, so imagine my joy when mainstream audiences embraced it.
Angela Rawling
Salt Lake City

As a young woman who likes quirky indies, I’m the target audience for Juno. But I can’t say I liked it. Juno tried too hard to be cool, which came off as annoying. I prefer the ”weirdos” in Ghost World.
Merideth Munoz
Sterling, Va.

Coming Detractions
Did I seriously just read a review of the new Star Trek trailer (Movies)? Does this country suffer from such an acute case of ADD that we can’t even wait for a movie to come out before we start to judge it?
David Drake
Henderson, Nev.

‘Woman’ Troubles
Thanks for telling us why Amy Heckerling’s I Could Never Be Your Woman never made it to theaters (”Would You Dump This Woman?”). I’m bummed the movie’s going straight to DVD, but I hope she keeps doing her thing.
Mark J. Parker
New York City

The One That Got ‘Away’
How ironic Gordon Pinsent of Away From Her was snubbed by your Snubbed-by-Oscar Must List. His performance was most deserving of accolades.
Grace Deacon
Levittown, Pa.

Swift Injustice
Your Taylor Swift story (”American Girl”) says MySpace and the singer drew teens to country. But Rascal Flatts’ and Kenny Chesney’s fan bases prove younger ears were already listening.
Kenny Mansfield
Evansville, Ind.