Michael Clayton, George Clooney
Credit: Myles Aronowitz

If you’re like the rest of us movie geeks — and we assume you areif you are reading this — chances are you’re engaging in some sort ofoffice Oscar pool. Now, far be it from us to tell you how to losespend your money, but we may just have a foolproof way to ensure yourfinancially sound Oscar-pooling future. This advice comes from noneother than George Clooney, who in this Time magazine articleclaims he’s never lost an Oscar pool, and then generously opens hisballot to the world. (Of course he doesn’t say how long he’s beenpooling — this could be his first year, who knows? — but it’s a nicegesture nonetheless).

I met George once, at a panel for a screening of his (quite excellent) movie, Good Night, and Good Luck, and he struck me as a pretty shrewd dude. (He also makes a point of predicting a shutout for his own Michael Clayton, pictured, which I take as a sign of levelheadedness.) For thisreason alone, I’m inclined to believe him when he says that MarionCotillard will win Best Actress for La Vie en Rose, even though I’m gunning for Julie Christie in Away From Her. Still, other Academy voters and some of our own Oscar odds experts might beg to differ with Clooney’s choices.

How about you, PopWatchers? You inclined to do a last-minute switcheroo, or do you think George is full of hot air?

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