Credit: RD/Leon / Retna

Fortified with an Elvis-worthy dinner of pancakes, bacon, and a bit of the hard stuff — hey, just Coca-Cola! — my 11-year-old nephew Alex, in the midst of spring break, was ready to take on his first full-on concert. And if you, be you a pre-teen from suburban New York or a mid-30s magazine editor from the city, were going to have to choose a first concert to go to, Thursday night’s Linkin Park show at Madison Square Garden (with frontman Chester Bennington, pictured) would have been, as Alex said after the show, an “A plus plus plus” one to make your live debut. (Hint: Jigga say, “Encore”!)

Which brings us to a question that both Alex and I just have to ask: What was your first concert, and did it deserve an “A plus plus plus”?

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