Oscars, ''American Idol,'' ''Survivor,'' and more

1. Overlooked by Oscar
Can you believe Jimmy Stewart wasn’t even nominated for Vertigo? Or that Marilyn Monroe got zilch for Some Like It Hot? Log on for these and 98 other mind-bogglers.

2. ‘American Idol’ Power List
We’re down to the final 24, so it’s high time for our Idol brain trust — a.k.a. Michael Slezak and whoever happens to stop by his office — to separate the best from the rest.

3. ‘Survivor’ Talk Show
Our outwit-outplay-outlast experts, Dalton Ross and Josh Wolk, hold forth on the show’s events each week.

4. The Glutton: Online Exclusive
Speaking of Dalton (possibly the busiest man in show business), he’s still revealing things he shouldn’t about his life and his voracious entertainment appetite in his Glutton column. Read it and give him your two cents.

5. Movie Mafiosi
One of cinema’s oldest character types, the gangster has had many faces: White Heat‘s James Cagney, Scarface‘s Al Pacino, even Return of the Jedi‘s Jabba the Hutt. Check out film’s best baddies.