Craig Bierko's career misstep -- Why he regrets his stint on ''Baby Talk,'' but he's happy with his new series, ''Unhitched''

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Unhitched (Sundays, 9:30 p.m.)
”Most of my friends are married and wonder, ‘What would it be like if I wasn’t married anymore?’ Unhitched [debuting March 2] is the nightmarish answer to that question, told in a comedic way…. It’s a simple premise: Four people have just been excused from their primary relationships. They’re a bunch of losers who have to form this makeshift secondary family until they can get up and on their way. It’s also the first time the Farrelly brothers have produced a sitcom, and you know you’re in a Farrelly vehicle when within the first five minutes of the show, your character is sexually compromised by an orangutan.”

Sorry About That
Baby Talk (1991)
”I did an episode, playing this mean businessman trying to date the girl. At the denouement, the baby somehow knew I was bad for the mother and urinated on me. [Series star] George Clooney was holding this rubber baby and he’d squeeze the abdomen and urine would shoot across the stage all over my tie…. We finally got it — it took, like, eight takes — and the look in Clooney’s eyes was just ‘I don’t think I want to do this anymore.’ I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had walked out the door and left the business. The crew and audience had a similar look of ‘This might be the last act of showbiz.’ It was exactly, nail-on-the-head Not Funny.”

Baby Talk
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