As if you needed further proof that Idolatry is the most important video series on the Internet (which, by the way, Idolatry invented), here’s Randy Jackson keepin’ it real with unprofessional singer Michael Slezak in the esteemed studio! I’m gonna be straight up wit’ you dawg, I had zero to do with any of this, but I did attempt to contribute to the flow by placing a digital image of The Dawg in “tile” formation on my desktop background while spying on Randy and Slezak over the great wall of my neighboring cube. Yo, so listen, the interview is a bit pitchy and all over the place, but duuuuuuude, overall, I gotta say I’m feelin’ it. Watch Randy stake out office space, discuss his new MTV series America’s Next Dance Crew, and defend Carly Smithson and other contestants with unprofitable record deals, below. It’s just the first of a three-part series; check back here for the rest, later on.

P.S. Yes, Randy, it is indeed real wood — the finest wood in all the land. Also: You’re expected back in the office Monday morning to file press releases, write captions, play with dolls, and prepare Slezak’s and my expense reports for the last 18 months. And would you mind live-blogging the Oscars for us too? Great thanks bye!