And so, the ever fashionable ladies of Cashmere Mafia didn’t walk off into the sunset in stilettos in last night’s season finale. They didn’t even walk off together. Instead, Mia (left) strolled off with her newfound companion, Wiley Jim — not the manny, not Jack, and not brain surgeon Jason (right). Wiley’s a stray dog found wandering 7th Ave. who has halitosis and a bit of a shoe fetish, naturally. Mia seemed to be the only one of the gals having any fun, as she fell in love with the dog and had to convince the dog shelter that she’d make a good “life companion” for Wiley, even though she’s a workaholic with fake plants and a lack of long-term relationships. No one can deny she’s a fur-lover: She looked like a tiny Yeti running through the park with her hunky brain surgeon in a fur mini-jacket and furry elbow-length bands (is there an official name for these that I’m unaware of??). She also wore a fur hood while breaking up with Jason (who bravely admitted he didn’t understand her obsession with a dog she’d only known for 72 hours and who would likely decimate her shoe collection in one night); had a fur jacket hanging up in her interview with the shelter man; AND wore a blue fur vest to the dog park (which shielded us only temporarily from the Knights of the Round Table get-up she was wearing under said vest. A hood and chain mail patterned top? Where do I buy??).

But the storyline was nonetheless heartwarming; for a season finale, I expected more fireworks. The hard-working brain surgeon passed out before any booty was called up during his booty call to Mia. Zoe took being unemployed as seriously as she took her job and micromanaged her manny, her kids, and her husband (who finally showed talent and ambition by landing a tony job renovating one of Juliet’s hotels — yay, Eric!). Juliet flirted with her smooth, if arrogant, hotel partner Gerard, as well as a billionaire named Len who’s looking to absorb her company — and her! — into his empire. And Caitlin struggled to save the face of Lily Parrish Cosmetics, which was left without a runway show during Fashion Week when Zac Posen dropped the firm in favor of another company. Caitlin, of course, miraculously saved the day (with plan B, after plan A, an untested and nervous 23-year-old designer, had a freak-out). Still, none of these plotlines had much sizzle or thrill. Where’s the passion? Where’s the scandal? Where’s the timely conversation and pointed zingers that would give us more to talk about around our cyber-watercooler? There was one great line: Mia described her personal life as being like “LaGuardia in a snowstorm. Arrivals and departures all screwed up” (though, in truth, LaGuardia can be like that even on a sunny day…).

The odds don’t seem to be in favor of our Desperate Careerwivesreturning for another season, but over on, there are somedevotees looking to whip up a campaign, like the Jericho fanswho inundated CBS with peanuts, to prove their love and devotion andsave the show from the chopping block. But what could Cashmere Mafia fans send? Lipstick? Might be too easily confused with kissing cousin Lipstick Jungle.Yarn, perhaps? A play on “cashmere”? What do you think: Is this a showworth saving? If so, what kind of campaign might work? And now that theseason is over, which character will you miss the most? My vote’s forMia: Underneath those kooky outfits and her even kookier version of amagazine publisher, there was a cute, likable sweetness that makes meinterested in what might happen to her next.