Because in the age of cable and Internet video nothing old is ever truly dead, NBC Universal has announced that it’s going to be streaming free reruns of ancient series on its various websites — some fondly remembered, like The A-Team, Kojak, Night Gallery, and Buck Rogers, and some less fondly, like the original Battlestar Galactica, TekWar, Emergency, Tremors, Swamp Thing, and Simon & Simon. (The full list of shows and websites is here.) Which prompted this question from TV overlord Tom Conroy: Is there no defunct series so unwatchable, so devoid even of camp and kitsch value, that there isn’t someone somewhere who still wants to watch it and will refer to it unironically as “classic” or “vintage”? Conversely, are there some old shows you’re dying to see brought back, even if just on streaming Web video? Holla back, PopWatchers, while Adrienne Day and I jump up and down as we eagerly await the return of Buck Rogers’ adorable robot sidekick Twiki (pictured).

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