Though they’re busy making up for lost time because of the writers’ strike, CSI exec producer Carol Mendelsohn and Two And A Half Men creator/EP Chuck Lorre will swap duties and write episodes of each other’s shows to air on CBS in May. “God help us all!” says Lorre, who expects to shoot his episode of CSI in late March while Mendelsohn’s Men will likely tape in April (however, the actors won’t be crossing over with them). “Obviously, they’ll have an element to them that is out of the ordinary,” says Lorre. “It’s a little unnerving stepping out into uncharted territory, but that’s what is fun about it.” Lorre won’t say what he has in store for Gil Grissom and Co., but he does reveal that Mendelsohn is planning a murder on Men (don’t even think about touching a hair on Holland Taylor’s head!) Just be safe, both showrunners will review each other’s work before the installments air. Cracks Lorre, “The script pages will be printed in special ink and you’ll need special glasses to read them.”