Our comics critic rides along on an odyssey through a pseudo-apocalyptic near future -- and enjoys the journey

Comics Review: ”The Infinite Horizon”

Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto
(Monthly; issue Nos. 1 and 2 out of six are on sale now)
This retelling of Homer’s Odyssey posits a near future in which even more of the Middle East has become a war zone, and China is shooting down American satellites. This is all rather problematic for our U.S. army hero, ”The Captain,” who finds himself surrounded by unfriendlies in Syria when he would much rather be snuggled up with his Catskills-dwelling wife, Penelope. Low on supplies, transportation options, and hope, The Captain and his men embark on what turns out to be a highly dangerous attempt to get back to America where, it turns out, Penelope is having her own apocalypse-oriented problems. FOR FANS OF… Homer’s original Odyssey. Or, for those whose ancient Greek is a bit rusty, CBS’ Jericho. DOES IT DELIVER? Writer Duggan’s vision of a broken world is so grimly believable that it’s hard not to feel guilty about the many thrills to be found in his tale. The big question? Given that we are told right from the start that it will take 10 years for The Captain to get home, how is Duggan going to finish his epic yarn in just half a dozen issues? A-