PopWatchers, we need to keep an eye on Adele, a soulful singer-songwriter who I’d describe as sounding a bit like gritty Amy Winehouse and melancholy Eva Cassidy, and occasionally even a young Gladys Knight. Adele, who turns 20 in May, has been generating major buzz in the U.K. (her first album, 19, debuted at No. 1 in Great Britain) but here in the colonies, she’s largely unknown. To get to know this upstart’s music, start with her single “Chasing Pavements,” her live rendition of “Hometown Glory” (broadcast on the BBC last October), and my favorite Adele clip — her evocative love song “Daydreamer,” performed on the long-running London-based music showcase Later with Jools Holland:

If this is your first impression, what’s your take on Adele, her sound, and her prospects for success in the U.S.?