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And then we came to an end. Or a season finale at least. So let’s be honest — who isn’t a little bit relieved? I for one, as a fan of Prison Break, began to see Monday nights as a burden. I watched out of loyalty to the show and duty to the job if nothing else. And maybe a mild crush on Chris Vance. But the last few weeks, let’s admit, have been right twaddle and though I don’t share in the belief that Fox should put us out of our misery and cancel the show, I do propose the following: Give us a few more episodes this summer to take Mike and Linc to a proper end. And make them good. And I mean very good. Just keep Michael in Linc’s brown blazer. It’s smoking.

That said, let’s recap with a head count:

1. McGrady. As we all figured, minus a little setback on the road,he basically made a clean break. But did he and pops really need tomake a pit stop to party with the family 20 miles before crossing theColombian border? Don’t you think the cops are going to be questioninggranny and the cousins soon?

2. Sucre. What an upstanding guy this one turned out to be: He’swilling to be buried alive rather than sell out Mike and Linc. Luckily— or not — he escaped that fate and now he’s back in Sona wherearchenemy T-Bag (the dude that sold him out) is king.

addCredit(“Wentworth Miller and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe: Bill Matlock”)

3. Lechero, T-Bag, Bellick. Lechero was in a bad spot, bleeding outwith just T-Bag to rely on. He, of course, ended up getting smotheredby the double-crossing creep and I’ve practically forgotten about himalready. So now what’s T-Bag going to do with Sister Mary Frances andthe $50,000 bucks? How’s he going to keep up his prison-yard promise of“all cons are equal” to the Sona inmates and stay out of trouble?
4. Linc, R.J. and Sofia. Two things: First, so Linc’s falling forSofia, getting all mushy over her after she’s shot and ending the showin her hospital room with L.J., like a nice cute modern family. What Iwanna know is, what about Veronica? She couldn’t have died more than afew months ago, and don’t tell me that Linc still believes that she’s“missing.” He’s not that dopey. Second, was Gretchen’s henchmanaiming at Sofia or was he trying to shoot Whistler? I can’t tell. If itwas Whistler, was he trying to shut him up and why?
5. Gretchen, Alex, and Whistler: I knew Whistler and Alex were makinggoogly eyes at each other! Now Alex thinks it’s worthwhile to go(back?) to work for the company and up (once again?) against Michael?I wonder what they offered him. On the other hand, apparently they’reall in trouble over Whistler losing that book, since Gretchenpractically had a coronary when he mentioned that to her. And wethought what he had written in it was gobbledygook. It may not be thecoordinates, but something in it is worth something.
6. Michael: Being that Mike’s the series’ main character, it’s sad thatthere’s so little said about him in this episode: He’s still on hisrevenge trip, and now he’s driving down the Panama highway in a beat-upold car with a gun and an origami flower, trying to get to Whistler anda dude named Jason Lief.
7. Jason Lief: Okay, so he’s not a real character and may never show upon the show, but Whistler did have a surveillance report tailing one“Jason Lief.” What do we know? That he’s from Scottsdale, Arizona. Heonce walked southeast on 23rd street talking on his cell phone andholding a bagel. I think it’s time for some stunt casting again. I seeAidan Gillen in the part. What about you?

So that’s it. See you next fall for another (hopefully better) season.

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