Jack and Juliet. Kate and Sawyer. Charlie through the Looking Glass. Learn everything there is to know about the twists in the second season of ABC's groundbreaking sci-fi smash, including our grades for all 22 episodes

Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell | I loved the opening of 'Tale of Two Cities' with Juliet clearly crying her way through ''Downtown,'' and the big reveal of Dharmaville.--Lost and Found

1. EPISODE: ”A Tale of Two Cities”


PLOT SUMMARY: A sad-eyed woman named Juliet opens her eyes, cues up ”Downtown” by Petula Clark, and hosts a book club meeting about Stephen King’s Carrie. When the house starts shaking, they sprint outside and see… Oceanic 815 breaking apart in the sky?!? No, Toto, we’re not in Kansas — we’re in the suburban enclave of the Others. In the present, Jack, Kate and Sawyer find themselves caged at the Hydra, Dharma’s zoological facility, inviting speculation that the Others themselves are Dharma. (Wrong!) Jack stews over the memory how he became obsessed with thinking his ex-wife had been sleeping with his father. (Wrong again!) Realizing he must let go of the past, the emotionally-defeated doc bonds with genial Juliet, pleasing Henry Gale, heretofore known by his real name: Ben.

MYTHOLOGY ALERT: Hydra was experimenting with polar bears, sharks, and dolphins. Mr. Friendly tells Kate that she’s not his ”type,” inspiring Web speculation over the husky Other’s sexuality.

CRITIQUE: The book club sequence alone is classic. A satisfying, saga-expanding premiere diminished in retrospect by the frustrating storyline it launched.


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