Desmond. Mr. Eko. Henry Gale. Learn everything there is to know about the twists in the pivotal second season of ABC's groundbreaking sci-fi smash, including our grades for all 23 episodes
Credit: Mario Perez

1. EPISODE: ”Man of Science, Man of Faith”
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Sept. 21, 2005

PLOT SUMMARY: A mystery man wakes up. He inputs the Numbers into an old computer, cues up Mama Cass’ ”Make Your Own Kind of Music,” injects green serum into his arm — then hears a loud CLANG! Looking through a periscope, he sees Jack and Locke, looking down the shaft of the Hatch. Yes: there’s a dude in this quarantined bunker — and Jack knows him! In flashback, we see how Dr. Shephard traded in his cynicism for a savior complex after performing life-saving spinal surgery on a car crash victim — Sarah, his future wife. A key moment: a fleeting, inspiring encounter with a Scottish dude named Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick). ”See you in another life, brother,” Desmond told him. Now, down in the Hatch, filled with outdated technology and humming with magnetic energy, Jack meets Desmond anew — and he’s holding a rifle to Locke’s head.

MYTHOLOGY ALERT: Say hello to the Dharma Initiative.

CRITIQUE: A mythically meaty payoff to last season’s revelation-light cliff-hanger — and an exhilaratingly cryptic intro to season 2.


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