All the intrigue, all the clues, all the flashbacks: Learn everything there is to know about the first 24 episodes of ABC's groundbreaking sci-fi smash.
Lost (Season 1 -- Episode 0: Pilot (1)), Matthew Fox
Credit: Mario Perez/ABC

1. EPISODE: ”Pilot: Part 1”
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Sept. 22, 2004
PLOT SUMMARY: It all starts with a pupil — the pupil of one Dr. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox). He wakes up in the woods, walks out to discover carnage on the beach, and the journey begins. Jack immediately takes on the role of leader — shielding Claire (Emilie De Ravin) from a blast, giving Boone (Ian Somerhalder) directions, and then pulling Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Claire away from a falling piece of the plane. Later, Jack, Kate (Evangeline Lilly), and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) head to the cockpit to retrieve the plane’s transceiver, only to watch the pilot devoured by some sort of unseen island beast. Enter the Monster.
MYTHOLOGY ALERT: Slow motion alert! Is that the mysterious black smoke flying into and blowing up the plane’s engine? Debate rages online. You be the judge.
CRITIQUE: A literally eye-opening introduction to the fateful journey of Oceanic flight 815, and the creepy island the passengers now call home. The survivors’ search for answers begins. As does ours. We’re hooked.
GRADE: A — Dalton Ross

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