Character actor, best known for his role in the sitcom wedding that became one of the 1970s' signature TV/pop-cultural events, was 68

(FROM AP) — David Groh, the veteran character actor best known for his role as Rhoda Morgenstern’s groom at one of the signature TV weddings of the 1970s, has died of kidney cancer at age 68, according to his family. The wedding helped establish the sitcom Rhoda as a stand-alone hit in 1974, ending the single-life laments of Valerie Harper’s character — who had been spun off from the long-running Mary Tyler Moore Show — and turned into a national event. On the show, the couple eventually divorced, and Groh left the series. He had worked steadily in TV and movies in the years since, including a stint on daytime drama General Hospital, and many guest appearances in prime time, including short arcs on Murder, She Wrote, Melrose Place, and V.I.P.. (AP via CNN)