(FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL) ? Toshiba announced on Tuesday (Feb. 19) that it is halting production on its HD DVD players and recorders, ceding the market to Sony’s Blu-Ray high definition format. Toshiba said there was no longer any chance of HD DVD winning out between the two formats, especially after Time Warner announced last month that it would side with Blu-ray and Best Buy and Wal-Mart’s recent decisions to only sell Sony’s format. Toshiba said it sold about one million HD DVD players, including players that can be attached to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, compared to Blu-ray’s 6.3 million sold, including Sony’s PlayStation 3 units, which can play the format. Sony’s victory can help the company erase memories of its loss in the videocassette war of the 1980s, when its Betamax format lost out to VHS. (Wall Street Journal)