Hello PopWatchers. My name is Jill.

And I’m a dance junkie.

Movies, TV shows, theater… if there’s poppin’, lockin’, breakin’, clownin’, steppin’, krumpin’ or tappin’ (yes, tap dancing. If it’s cool enough for Savion Glover, it’s damn sure cool enough for me), you know I’ll be watching. Dance movies, in particular, are my dirty little secret. I blame it on the 10 years of jazz and tap lessons as a kid, plus another three years of hip-hop dancing in college. I don’t watch these movies for the plotlines, I assure you — it’s all about the dancing for me. And I’ve found that the more cheese-alicious the storyline is, the better the dance scenes.

So it was no surprise that I found myself powerless to resist the siren call of Step Up 2 the Streets. It’s also safe to say I’m never going to get “Low” by Flo Rida out of my head. Ever.

Step Up 2: The New Class (as I’ve taken to calling it) was certainly diligent in its adherence to the dance movie formula. You know the one — the main character has something to prove to parents, teachers, friends, whatever… take your pick. How does he/she do it? With a dance-off, of course! Ah, if only problems in real life could be solved this way. “Excuse me, Visa? Yeah, I can’t pay my credit card bill this month. But lemme show you these sweet moves I’ve been working on, and let’s just see if we can’t come to a mutual understanding, okay?”

addCredit(“Step Up 2 the Streets: Karen Ballard”)

But I’m not going to lie to you, PopWatchers. I was a littledisappointed when I left the theater. I didn’t want to sign up forlocal hip-hop classes as soon as I got home. Which, if you knew me atall, you’d know is always my immediate response to a good dance flick.With Step Up 2, I wanted “less talkie, more dancie.” Thestoryline bored me more than usual and I found myself not really caringabout the characters at all. I will admit to liking Moose, however, ifonly because he reminded me of a dancing Seth Cohen.

That’s not to say the movie lacked good dancing. On the contrary,there was some fantastic dancing. The opening scene on the subway wastight and the grand finale/showdown scene was absolutely unbelievable.The “Prank” video was also pretty frickin’ hilarious in its own right,even if the dance moves themselves weren’t anything mindblowing. In myopinion, the best dancing in the entire movie happened when it wasover… and we got to see the MSA crew do some freestylin’ as the endcredits rolled. Do yourself a favor and stay through the credits,you’ll be glad you did.

Overall, I just didn’t get the za-za-zou from this dance movie likeI have from others in the past. My addiction hasn’t been broken by anymeans, but the disappointment stings a bit.

On a slightly random note, am I the only one who’s found a little bit of humor in the fact that Channing Tatum was the star of Step Upand Robert Hoffman (pictured) has taken over the sequel? No? It’s justme? It made me wonder if the casting director had been watching She’s the Man and thought, “Hmm… we’ve already used Channing, let’s ask Rob for the next one.” Should I expect Amanda Bynes to show up in Step Up 3: Dance Off/Pants Off?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I should go practice my moves. Mama’s got some bills to pay.