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I have recently become smitten with the monthly stage show Mortified Live, billed as a “comic excavation of teen angst artifacts as shared by their original authors before total strangers.” So, it was fitting that I spent my Valentine’s Day at their “Doomed Valentines Show” in Los Angeles. The night only made my heart grow fonder. One by one, brave men and women took the stage to share their torrid teen tales of failed relationships and crushes gone awry. A few included some hilarious visuals such as drawings (think stick figures intertwined in a Honeymoon “Sweet” with a heart-shaped bed, jacuzzi, and fireplace) and video confessionals (a high school senior sporting a mullet and yellow trenchcoat lip-synching “Wait” by White Lion in the hopes that it will win over the girl of his dreams. Watch it here).

Of course, the night had me thinking about my own teen crushes and how thankful I am that those diaries are long gone, never to be read again (you’re welcome, former object of my affection, T.C. Smith). Which makes Mortified all the more enthralling. How do these people bare their souls and expose, as Marcia Brady would say, their “innermost secrets” to a public who will only laugh at their past misery? There are even two Mortified books: the new Love is a Battlefield and Real Words, Real People, Real Pathetic, where individuals offer up their embarrassing journal entries and include photos from their teen-angstiest times.

Please don’t let this stop you from confessing anything crush-cringe-worthy in our comment section. I guess we’ve all been there and are finding comfort in the humor that was our youthful past. I look forward to next month’s edition and hope the show will “promise to never forsake me (ahahah, okay, that last portion was ripped off from an e-mail a boy once sent me. A boy who TOTALLY forsook ME)”. Mortified’s monthly events run in various cities across the U.S. Be warned: tickets, like young love, go fast!