The latest cut talks about competing with Christian, going through with her Bryant Park show even though she knew she was out of the running, and who she thinks is going to win
Project Runway, Project Runway (Season 4 -- Episode 13: Finale Part 1)

As soon as we saw Christian’s and Chris’ over-the-top adaptations of Metropolitan Museum of Art paintings, we knew Sweet P, with her subdued peacock-inspired dress, wasn’t long for Project Runway. She knew it too. But one week after her Bryant Park show (she had to present a collection to keep the secret that she’d already been kicked off), Sweet P called in to talk about who she thinks will win the whole shebang.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Sweet P, did you watch last night?

SWEET P: I watched it twice. First with my sister and my cousin and then with about 20 people at a friend’s house. I cried both times. It was just weird.

Considering you and Rami were the only ones who got criticized, did you know it was coming?

I pretty much thought Rami and I were going home. I thought, ”I can’t believe they’re going to let him go.” He’s a great designer. I feel like he’s more skilled than me, technically.

But didn’t you want to tell him to stop with the draping already?

A little bit, but then again, I thought that challenge was about us being inspired by art and doing who we are. It never said to be over the top or avant-garde. They just said, ”Be inspired by art.” That’s what a lot of Rami’s stuff is. I did a commercial, really sellable dress. We both got knocked for doing what we do.

And then Chris March, whom I normally love, made a dress we’d already seen this season, and got such praise!

Part of it was the guest judge. If the judge had been Prada, I would have been in like Flynn. Last night people I was watching it with said, ”Your dress is so Prada.” [Guest judge] Roberto Cavalli is more over the top, a little more out there in a way, and not really my aesthetic. We never know who the guest judge is going to be.

Cavalli loooooved Chris’ dress.

Well, Chris did interpret his art piece. I did think it was similar to his last dress with Christian. I wasn’t trying to scream something, and I think maybe Chris was. Maybe Christian was. I don’t see people wearing theirs as much as mine or Rami’s, to be honest with you.

All along, it’s seemed like Christian is being set up to win. Were you all intimidated by him?

We had a joke that we have to get rid of this kid. At one point during the [challenge] last night, either me or Jillian said, ”What? Are you making a whole collection?” He made like five garments. I love Christian and I think he’s super-talented. I feel like he kind of does the same look over and over and over again as well. He just doesn’t get reamed for it like Rami does. Christian does not get in trouble for the ruffled big blouse and skinny pants over and over again.

How is it possible you got this far without winning any challenges?

The prom dress I really thought I was going to win, and the Levi’s one. It’s on display at the Levi’s store, though. They e-mailed me to say, ”Yours is in the front because it’s everybody’s favorite.”

NEXT PAGE: ”I was actually in China on a job and I got this e-mail from the producers saying, ‘Where’s your contract for the 12 pieces?’ I freaked out.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It seemed like Tim was always saying, ”Sweet P, I’m worried.” Then you’d make a few snips and your dress would be totally different and good.

SWEET P: Part of the reason I went on the show was to learn from Tim. The way he gives criticism is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I love that man. I think, ”I’m doing a wedding dress. What a great idea!” And he’s like, ”Are you kidding?” Then I realize and I’m like, ”Yeah. Am I kidding? This looks weird.”

Did any of your fellow contestants help you out?

We all kind of turned to each other. I love all of them. Sometimes I would turn to Christian. With the diva challenge he was like, ”Honey, it’s hideous.” Christian also helped me out with hair and makeup on this last challenge. He took my model up because I was still in the sewing room.

How come you guys never got to go anywhere like Paris?

I was pissed. We all brought our passports. I was thinking Japan. But in the end I was kind of glad. We were so tired already. If we had jetlag on top of it, how would we work?

Was it weird making your Bryant Park collection even though you were off the show?

After I got kicked off I thought I was off the hook, and I thought I could go home and get a job. I felt relieved, honestly. I was actually in China on a job and I got this e-mail from the producers saying, ”Where’s your contract for the 12 pieces?” I freaked out. I got back to the States and quit my job and I’ve been working on my collection since. And I knew there wasn’t a chance of winning! But the good news is I had a show at Bryant Park.

How was it?

It was so surreal. I can still barely grasp it. I got so much great feedback from Tim and the hair and makeup people and my models were so happy.

Did you have America’s Next Top Model models?

No. Chris had two of them, and Jillian had one. I picked a lot of Ukrainian women. I had a lot of Svetlanas and Stanislavas.

Now that you’ve seen all the final collections, who would you like to see win?

My pick would probably be Rami. I feel like his collection is very him. He did do a lot more than just draping. I think he could do a lot with the money. He’s very driven. He’s got celebrity clientele. It would be good for the show to give it to him. I would also love to see Jillian win. That would be my dream. She’s like a little sister. I know she’d work until her hands are bleeding.

Forget who you’d like to see: Who do you think will win?

Now that I’ve read all the reviews, I think Christian is going to win. I’ve seen great reviews and bad reviews of the rest of us, but every review of Christian is good. I was like ”Whoa, dude. He is going to win.” He’s a kid. I just don’t know if I’ll ever find his stuff very wearable.

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