You might think our new series of America’s Next Top Doll recaps — leading up to Wednesday’s premiere of America’s Next Top Model (click here for a behind-the-scenes look at EW’s new “Tyra Inc.” cover shoot) — is all fun and games, but then you probably weren’t at the intersection of Broadway and 51st in Manhattan yesterday, where my colleague Annie Barrett was spotted lying on the germ-infested sidewalk to capture the edgy and glamorous photo at left. (Don’t believe me? Click here, here, and here for evidence of our insane field trip. Just don’t forward to the Time Inc. overlords who sign our paychecks.) Indeed, I called on Ms. Barrett for help with yesterday’s shoot, since I thought it might be somewhat alarming (and possibly even illegal) for a grown man to be photographing a naked, ink-smeared doll in public. But enough behind the scenes reporting, let’s cut to America’s Next Top Doll, where evaluations are about to begin…

Tyra: This week’s photo shoot tackled the important issue of “naked hobos in the city.” There are so many hobos, living in cardboard boxes, who don’t have the proper attire that’s required to get through harsh New York winters. And we wanted to take that idea and translate it into an edgy, cutting-edge, editorial, edgy photo shoot. Let’s start our evaluations with Hawaiielle. And here’s your best shot!

Twiggy: Llloave the positioning of the legs. They look like they’re a million miles long.

Miss J: But your hand is like a giant oven mitt, and the whole thing leaves me feeling a little card bored. [Pauses.] Cardboard? Card bored. Get it?


Tyra: Hawaiielle, you’ve definitely captured the spirit ofthe hobo with your hunched, gruesome body positioning and dirt-streakedgams, but Mr. Jay said you were very uncomfortable with the idea ofbeing butt-booty naked in the middle of Times Square in sub-freezingtemperatures, and that at the end of the shoot you had to be rushed tothe emergency room for hypothermia.

Hawaiielle: Well, it’s just that I come from a strongreligious upbringing, and I was worried how my family would feel aboutmy posing in public covered in bits of newspaper.

Tyra: Hawaiielle, being a top model isn’t just about taking apretty picture, sometimes it’s about standing naked in front of themind’s mirror and deciding what’s really important to you. The judgeshear about your reluctance, and they wonder if you have the drive anddesire to make it in this industry, but on the other hand, they hearhow you pushed yourself to the brink of mental and physical collapse,and that sends us a mixed signal.

Nigel: I think this is a very arousing photograph, but when I look at the face, I don’t get anything.

Tyra: Let’s look at the closeup. See, Hawaiille, you’re giving us hobo, but you’re not giving us fashion. Watch how I do it: Hobo [raises eyebrows and droops her mouth] but make it fashion [seductively runs fingers through hair]. Hobo [raises eyebrows and droops her mouth] but make it fashion [seductively runs fingers through hair]. See?

Hawaiielle: [blankly] Uh-huh.

Tyra: Thank you, Hawaiielle.

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