Fans sing the praises of Scrabulous -- Numerous YouTube videos defend the Facebook game to the tune of Fergie's ''Glamorous''

A 60-year-old board game has never been so trendy. Clever fans of the online Facebook application Scrabulous are declaring their love with online music videos that hilariously tweak the Fergie single ”Glamorous.” One homegrown YouTube clip coos about ”the swappy, swappy,” while a near-professional-quality video available on exclaims, ”L, T, S, and R/Ain’t gonna get you very far.”

But unlike the recent FunnyOrDie short that also features Fergie lampooning her No. 1 hit by ”participating” in a spelling bee — conveniently, she keeps getting words that end in ”ous” — these videos have a serious agenda: They’re defending Scrabulous against Hasbro (Scrabble’s owner), which wants to dismantle the game, claiming copyright infringement. Says Adam Stein, who co-wrote the TastesLikeTV clip and shot it with pals in one weekend: ”Hopefully, [Scrabulous and Hasbro] can come to some kind of agreement where Hasbro can buy it or get some kind of profit.”

But wait — don’t play all your tiles just yet. In a statement, Hasbro says it is looking into ”all legal options” with regard to Scrabulous, and promises that — in partnership with videogame giant EA — they will release a ”free online social network version of Scrabble…in the near future.” For now, Scrabulous remains on Facebook. While we wait for the verdict, we’ve already dreamed up another song: ”L-I-T-I-G-I-O-U-S.”