Harrison Ford may be 108 years old, but I’m 14 again, thanks to the release this morning of the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull teaser trailer at Yahoo Movies. It looks pretty dang awesome, even if the clip does waste the first half of its two-minute running time with a retrospective of Indy’s past glories. (Wait, he “saved the cradle of civilization”? That’s what the Temple of Doom was? I thought civilization started in Iraq or Egypt, not India.) Note to Paramount: we all know who Indiana Jones is; just because it’s been 19 years doesn’t mean we need a refresher course. We also know that Harrison Ford is, like, old, so we don’t need the obligatory quip about his age. (Sidekick Ray WInstone: “This ain’t gonna be easy.” Indy: “Not as easy as it used to be.”) Besides, by the look of things, Ford can still do stunts quite nicely, thank you. (Better quip: Shia LaBeouf: “You’re a teacher?” Indy: “Part-time.”) Also, I’d have liked to see more than a glimpse or two of Cate Blanchett (coiffed in a nifty Louise Brooks bob) and Karen Allen (back as Marion Ravenwood). But enough quibbling. Still a pretty dang awesome teaser. Watch, and we’ll discuss, after the jump.

Now that you’ve watched it, a few questions: Is Indy breaking back intothe warehouse from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark and stealing backthe Ark? What does Roswell, New Mexico (of UFO fame, and stamped on theside of a box glimpsed here) have to do with anything? Where are thefrickin’ crystal skulls? Oh, and are you as excited to see this on May22 as I am?